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The Basics of Meditation for Beginners

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Meditation is an immensely transformative practice for the body, mind, and soul. By practicing guided meditation every day, you can begin to infuse your life with positive habits and shift the way you think and live in the world. Although many people view meditation as something that only a monk does while hiding away in a cave, this practice is actually now in the mainstream and people all over the world are embracing mindfulness meditation. There are many different styles of meditation though, so it is important to find which one works best for you before beginning this practice. So, see below for how you can start practicing meditation today!

What is meditation?

Meditation has been practiced in various forms around the world for thousands of years. Essentially, meditation is any practice that involves focusing the mind on a single point to enhance your awareness and tap into an inner state of peace. There are many different styles of meditation in existence, but the most popular style of meditation is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation originated from Buddhism, but it became popularized in the West by the psychologist Jon Kabat-Zinn who developed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. The MBSR program is used in many psychological contexts as a therapeutic method. Meditation is best practiced through a guided audio meditation because then as a practitioner you do not need to think or worry about the various steps to the practice. Instead, you can just listen to the meditation audio recording and enjoy the practice.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a unique practice because it benefits you both physically and mentally. Meditation can be practiced by people of all ages and it is used in many therapeutic contexts as well.

See below for the top 10 benefits of meditation for the body and mind:

1. Improves cardiovascular health

2. Can treat symptoms of chronic pain

3. Reduces anxiety and depression

4. Relieves stress

5. Improves sleep

6. Increases focus and concentration

7. Enhances self-awareness

8. Reduces age-related memory loss

9. Boosts the immune system

10. Increases empathy, compassion, and kindness

Regardless of the style of meditation that you practice, the benefits of it will remain because at the essence of all styles of meditation is the process of focusing the mind and releasing any negativity within you. Your body and mind are intimately connected, so when you begin working on the mind it has many beneficial effects on your body, and vice versa.

Guided meditations are particularly useful for meditation practice for beginners because it walks you step by step through the process in a simple way. Guided audio meditations can also be helpful for beginners because they ensure that you are practicing it correctly and gaining the most benefits that you possibly can from the practice.

The Most Popular Styles of Meditation

There are many different styles of meditation that exist, although the most popular style is mindfulness meditation. Many people think that meditation is just silent sitting, but it is actually so much more than that and there are many movement-based styles of meditation as well.

See below for the most popular 5 styles of meditation:

1. Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation style emphasizes focusing on the breath and sensations in the body to focus the mind.

2. Visualization Meditation: This meditation style uses guided visualizations of objects, scenes, or journeys.

3. Mantra Meditation: This meditation style focuses on a mantra, which is a word or phrase, that is either repeated mentally or chanted out loud.

4. Walking Meditation: This meditation style uses elements of mindfulness meditation but in a moving format.

5. Loving-Kindness Meditation: This meditation style focuses on developing love, kindness, and compassion towards the self and towards others.

The best way to practice meditation is by following a guided audio meditation recording. Although you can certainly attend a class at a local yoga studio or meditation center, it is much more comfortable to practice meditation at your home or even on your way to work. By listening to a guided audio meditation, you can bring meditation with you throughout your day and practice it at any time or place that works for you.

Tips and Tricks for Practicing Meditation for Beginners

Many people think that they do not have the patience to sit quietly in meditation. Thankfully, you don’t have to! There are many moving styles of meditation that you can try instead if you struggle sitting still for long periods of time. You can also try to transition into sitting meditation styles gradually by starting with a short 5-minute meditation and then slowly increasing the time length. Before you know it, you will be sitting through a 30-minute meditation with ease and joy!

People often think that in meditation the goal is to be completely free of thoughts and then when a thought arises during their practice, they get angry and diminish themselves. But this is completely untrue. It is actually impossible to be completely free of thoughts, it is the natural tendency of the mind to think. The point of meditation is to develop a detached awareness of your thoughts and feelings and to observe them and watch them float by like clouds in the sky. In meditation practice, you actually use certain focal points, such as your breath or your body, to focus your mind on a single point to prevent you from getting distracted by your thoughts. But when those thoughts arise, there is no reason to get angry and you just need to bring your mind back onto the focal point and continue your practice. With regular meditation practice you can slowly learn how to train your mind, giving you the tools to tone down your emotions and thoughts and take back control over your life!


Meditation practice is beneficial for people of all ages and it has the potential to transform your life. By listening to guided audio meditations, you can start incorporating meditation into your daily life quickly and easily. So, check out some of our professional guided audio meditations and start gaining the many benefits of meditation practice in your life today!

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